Fleet Analytics & Reporting Dashboards

Today’s fleet managers need to monitor performance and devise actionable improvement plans. To do that, you need real-time insights into the entire organization.

Fleet360 from RTA delivers the tools you need to drive the results your leaders expect.

Reporting and Dashboards

Data Makes All the Difference

Fleet analytics deliver insights that empower you to build a more efficient and reliable operation. 

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

Track & Prove Improvements

Build Trust with Leadership

Manage Resources Effectively

Real-Time Fleet Analytics Reports & Dashboards

Say goodbye to manual data manipulation and retrospective analysis. Fleet360’s out-of-the-box reports and custom dashboards give you real-time, actionable data so you can quickly focus on what needs attention.

  • Customizable Reports
  • Main Daily Dashboard
  • Leadership Dashboards
  • Maintenance & Repair Dashboard
  • Fuel Dashboard
  • Parts Dashboard
  • Warranty Dashboard
  • Top 5 Reports Dashboard

Your Data Your Way

You’ll get access to dozens of out-of-the-box and unlimited custom reports for quick access to the data you need. Track availability, equipment cost, inventory, purchase orders, vendors, parts usage, tire inventory, and more.

Your Fleet at a Glance

Your Daily Dashboard gives you an instant view of the most important metrics for your fleet. Track availability, work orders, and PM compliances at a glance.

Strategic Views of Your Fleet

Your Leadership Dashboards give you the strategic insights you need to make smart organizational decisions. Manage replacement plans, track progress toward sustainability goals, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your fleet.

Your Shop in a Single Screen

Use key maintenance and repair information—like total work orders, work order statuses, and average time in each status—to optimize shop performance, reduce downtime, and improve customer satisfaction.

A Pulse on Fuel Consumption

See how much fuel your fleet is using at a glance. Tie fuel costs to facilities, customers, departments, and class codes. You can use your fuel dashboard to track gallons used, average miles and cost per gallon, and total carbon emissions.

Inventory at Your Fingertips

Monitor inventory value, the number and cost of open orders, and how many work orders are waiting for parts. You can filter your Parts Dashboard by part name, vendor name, or year.

Money in Your Pocket

Track part warranty transactions to understand cost recovery and savings. Compare warranty claims against received transactions, and filter warranty details by department, customer, class, warranty type, and VMRS description.

Your Favorite Reports in One Place

Your Top 5 Reports Dashboard puts all the data fleet leaders use most in a single dashboard—vehicle audits, repair history, replacement scoring, PO transactions, and fuel usage.


What Our Customers Are Saying

The report portion of RTA is unbelievable! The fact that you can schedule reports to just run automatically when you need them has been greatly beneficial to us.
Jay Mitchell
Fleet Supervisor, Cassens Transport Co
RTA Reports make my quarterly meetings easy to communicate with everyone.
Ron Sgarlato
VP of GM Fleet Services, Dick’s Community Towing
Ease of use is what sets RTA apart. Being able to get the information that we need quickly, produce the reports to inform decisions, and reduce the complexity of our fleet. We use the full gamut of RTA.
Mark Skinner
Fleet Manager, City of Lee’s Summit

Real-World Results to Transform Your Fleet

1200 +

Powering 1,200+ fleets

700 K

700,000+ assets managed

10 %

Reduce cost of ownership by 10%

90 %

90% stakeholder satisfaction

FAQs about RTA Analytics and Reporting Dashboards

Here are some of the questions fleet managers ask about Fleet360 Analytics and Reporting Dashboards.

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How frequently do RTA dashboards reconfigure data? expand_more expand_less

RTA Dashboards are a live-view of current setting and data, so the dashboard views will update in real-time.

Can Reports be exported out of RTA? expand_more expand_less

RTA Reports can be exported in various formats for data and historical sharing. Formats include PDF, CSV, TXT, Excel, and RTF.

Can I schedule reports to be auto-sent or auto-exported? expand_more expand_less

Yes, reports and dashboard reviews can be scheduled to run and export based on a regular occurrence. Identify the recipients of this scheduled report and set the interval or trigger to have the data automatically exported to an individual or group.

Does RTA allow me to create my own custom reports? expand_more expand_less

Yes, the RTA Report Writer allows any user with credentials to either duplicate and manage existing reports or generate their own custom reports from scratch. RTA provides access to the appropriate data-tables so users can easily configure their data without requiring a development or engineering degree.

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Ready for Better Tools to Manage Your Fleet?

If you’re ready for instant access to actionable data, Fleet360 delivers the most comprehensive fleet analytics solution available. See how we can transform your fleet.