Parts & Inventory Management Software

Your parts warehouse is a central component of your fleet. You want it to be efficient, well-stocked, and profitable. RTA Fleet360 monitors parts usage and automates inventory tracking to ensure every shop has the parts it needs when it needs them.

Asset Management (600 x 600 px)

Keep Your Shop Fully Stocked

Fleet360 gives you complete control over everything going into and out of your parts warehouse.

Minimize Vehicle Downtime

Reduce Inventory Costs

Increase Inventory Accuracy

Improve Parts Personnel-Technician Communication

Parts Management Tools

A well-run warehouse takes tools that support parts personnel and technicians. With Fleet360, you can track inventory, request, and reorder parts, and post parts to work orders from your desk or the palm of your hand.

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory levels for all parts and get notified when parts are running low. View usage and purchase history on every part file. Specify part location at the asset level.

Parts Dashboard

Monitor inventory value, the number and cost of open orders, and how many work orders are waiting for parts. Filter by part name, vendor name, or year. 

Usage Reports

Know how often you use specific parts. Identify order trends throughout the year to ensure you have enough inventory on hand for peak seasons. 

Vendor Management

See which vendors have the best prices, fastest response times, and fastest shipping times.

Warranty Tracking

Track warranties and core credits for every part. Get notified when parts are covered under warranty or credits are available for cores.


Quickly conduct error-free inventory counts and print parts tags with wireless barcode scanners and printers. Barcoding equipment is separate from your Fleet360 subscription.

Tire Tracking

rack tire quantities, warranties, and usage. Perform tire inspections and receive alerts for tire pressure and tread depth.

Cost Controls

Post part prices at average rates (according to the part file) or set your system to first-in-first-out pricing. Adjust markups by customer and job type. 

Schnucks Markets Saves $225,000 by Eliminating Excess Inventory

Jacob Johnson walked into his role as fleet maintenance manager at Schnucks Markets to find that the company was still using paper invoices for parts and work orders and sitting on nearly half a million dollars of unused inventory. Within a year, he reduced half the inventory, tripled the PM compliance rate, and racked up six figures in savings. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

The parts and service request features and the ability to add parts on the fly are a huge upgrade! We use them daily.
Jacob Johnson, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
Schnucks Markets
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My parts person tried out the inventory counter on his phone today and he said it worked great! It is going to be a huge time saver for us. Thank you for the new feature!!!!
Data Analyst
Arizona Municipality
We love RTA Warranty tracking. If we buy a part that has a 1-year warranty, and go to replace that part on a work order, BAM! RTA pops it up. Let's go! This part's under warranty
Jay Davidson, Fleet Manager
Cassens Transport Co.

FAQs about Fleet360 Parts Inventory Software

Here are some of the questions fleet managers ask about RTA Fleet360 Parts Inventory Software.

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Does RTA use barcoding? expand_more expand_less

Yes, barcoding has become an essential and time-saving component of any modern shop. You can read barcode labels from traditional scanners (available for purchase through RTA) or via the RTA Mobile App for inventory counting, posting, or adjustments.

Can images, files, and notes be saved towards parts files? expand_more expand_less

Yes, all file types can be saved directly and easily into RTA with drag-and-drop or browse functionality. There are no storage limitations on files in RTA.

Can RTA track multiple part locations? expand_more expand_less

Each part file can save up to 5 unique locations by resource center. Receiving and posting parts allows for location details to keep inventory counts accurate.

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Ready for Better Tools to Manage Your Inventory?

If you need a system that will give you more control over inventory and ordering, Fleet360 is the answer.