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When you’re hustling with the day-to-day of running your fleet, it’s hard to tackle the big stuff. Tap into RTA’s fleet management consultants for help solving your toughest challenges or planning for your biggest initiatives.

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Need to get out of the red and into the black? Implement a fleet replacement plan? Or revise your parts management program? 

Meet the experts who can help.

Steve Saltzgiver
Senior Fleet Success Director
Tony Yankovich
Director of Advisory Services
Marc Canton
Head of Product & Fleet Analytics Advisor
Josh Turley
CEO, Author & Podcast Host
Facundo Tassara
Head of Fleet Success Ambassadorship
Scott Rood
Fleet Management Consultant
Steve Saltzgiver
Senior Fleet Success Director

Hall of Fame Fleet Leader & Veteran Fleet Consultant

Fleet Management Hall of Famer Steve Saltzgiver has more than 45 years of fleet experience.  Steve's extensive resume includes working at large corporate fleets such as Republic Services and Coca-Cola.

He also spent time working with government fleets, including the states of Utah and Georgia, and the Utah Transit Authority.  He has an abundance of fleet knowledge and experience and loves sharing it with others.

Areas of Expertise

As a long-time fleet veteran, Steve is comfortable speaking on all fleet topics. Some of his particular areas of interest include:

Fleet Efficiency: How to Utilize Performance Analysis and Benchmarking

Steve is an experienced expert in helping fleet operations become more efficient. He's utilized several different tactics in his career to help organizations go lean while still staying productive. During sessions on this topic, he will cover many areas, including:

  • Setting shop standards and optimizing technician productivity
  • Identifying standard operating procedures
  • Discovering inefficiencies and how to fix them
Why Strategic Business Planning Is Important

Steve will explain why it's essential for fleet operations to have a strategic business plan in place, and offers numerous tips, including:

  • How to perform business process mapping

  • How to complete evaluations

  • When reengineering or organizational redesign is necessary
  • How to achieve optimization and administrative centralization
How To Right-Size a Fleet

Steve is an expert in helping fleets determine how many vehicles, and which types, they need in their fleet. Some points he highlights include:

  • How to determine when a vehicle should be replaced
  • How to audit and assess your fleet
  • What metrics you should be using to determine TCO and when to replace assets
Making the Change to EVs, Alternative Fuels

Making the transition to electronic vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles requires a lot of planning and prep work. Steve covers necessary topics, including:

  • Sustainable fleet planning
  • How to prepare your shop for alternative fuel and propulsion systems
  • Operational plans to prepare for EVs

"As a veteran fleet management professional, employing operational excellence (OE) tools, such as Lean, Six Sigma, DMAIC, and others, is not just an option but a crucial necessity in optimizing the overall maintenance of fleet assets. These OE tools empower fleet operators to drive efficiency, minimize downtime, and enhance overall employee performance, resulting in substantial cost savings and improved service delivery over the life of any asset. "

- Steve Saltzgiver, Sr. Fleet Success Director at RTA

Tony Yankovich
Director of Advisory Services

Experienced Fleet Consultant & Analyst

With more than 30 years of experience in fleet management, consulting, and operations, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to audiences. Prior to joining RTA, he worked as a fleet consultant, analyst, project manager, and most recently as Managing Director at Mercury Associates, Inc., where he helped hundreds of fleet owners improve their operations and reduce costs.

Areas of Expertise

An experienced fleet leader, Tony is knowledgeable in a variety of fleet topics. Some of his particular areas of interest include:

Fleet Technicians: How Many Does Your Fleet Need?

Tony is an expert in helping fleet operations tackle their staffing needs. He teaches audiences how to empirically calculate the number of technicians to appropriately maintain your fleet, and how many support staff the organization should employ to ensure fleet success. 

  • Learn how to quantify your fleet staffing needs using a comprehensive workload analysis approach.
  • Use this analysis technique to justify fleet staffing requests.
How To Document Your Fleet's Success, and Why It's Important

Tony explains why it's essential to show a fleet operation's successes, and explains how fleet leaders can demonstrate their performance.

  • Learn the most important fleet performance indicators to share with the organization and your customers.

  • Understand how the timing and frequency of disseminating this information can impact perception.

  • See examples that you can start using immediately

How To Improve Fleet Customer Satisfaction

Tony shows fleet leaders why it's essential to keep their customers satisfied, and how to measure it. He educates audiences on customer communication, and customer surveys (including Net Promoter Scores), and how to use the information to improve customer experience and service levels. 

  • Understand when to use transactional customer surveys versus annual user experience surveys.
  • Learn the science behind using a formal NPS survey approach.
How To Avoid a Fleet Audit

No fleet operation wants to be audited. Tony is here to help! He gives audiences helpful tips on how to avoid a forced fleet performance audit.

  • Understand why some fleets are targeted for a fleet audit or performance study.
  • Learn the key fleet performance indicators that can be used to demonstrate your fleet's performance.
  • Learn what to do in the event your fleet operation is selected for a performance study. 

"Investing in fleet management training is the surest way to impact your organization's success through improved efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. It empowers your team with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-changing world of fleet management."

-- Tony Yankovich

Marc Canton
Head of Product & Fleet Analytics Advisor

Experienced Fleet Leader & Logistics Expert 

Marc has more than two decades of experience with university transportation, logistics, and government fleet management, and spent several years working as the Transportation Director and Fleet Manager at Fordham University. He currently heads up product design at RTA, building the FMIS of the future.

Areas of Expertise

An experienced fleet leader, Marc is knowledgeable in a variety of fleet topics. Some of his particular areas of interest include:

EV Feasibility Assessment: Can You Meet the Mandate?

Is your fleet ready for the EV transition? Marc will discuss the following topics during this session:

  • Techniques to Test EV Implementation Mandates or Goals
  • How to Utilize Traditional Fleet Management Skills When Working with EVs
EV Transition Planning: How to Prepare and Implement EV Transition in Your Fleet

Before adding EVs to your fleet, it's essential to determine which electric vehicles to add, and put the right infrastructure in place. Marc focuses on the following tips for fleets:

  • Evaluate Candidates for EV Replacement through Utilization Assessment and Asset Specification Assessment.
  • Identify Infrastructure Needs to Support a New EV Fleet.
  • Calculate the Capital Costs Associated with the Transition and Potential Operational Cost Savings.
Pooling: How to Leverage Pools to Help with Supply Shortages and Improve Resource Efficiency and Utilization

During this session, Marc will discuss how fleets should utilize motor pools, including:

  • Keys to a Successful Motor Equipment Pool Operation
  • How to implement a pool and improve pool operations
  • Estimating ROI of Pool Implementation
Telling Your Story (Before Someone Else Tells it For You)

Marc is passionate about data, helping fleets utilize it to make data-driven decisions and tell their story better. Some items he will touch on during this session are:

  • Getting in Front of Fleet's Story
  • Report Types and Cadences that Help a Fleet Succeed
  • Leveraging Data to Tell your Story
  • Highlighting the People: Engaging Stakeholders to Help Tell the Story
Fleet Replacement Planning: How to Develop and Implement a Strategic Fleet Replacement Plan That Will Help You Win the Resource Battle

Marc helps fleets determine when they should replace fleet vehicles, and how to use data to make the decisions. Some topics he covers include:

  • Life Cycle Analysis and Replacement Parameters
  • Replacement Cost Benchmarking
  • Strategic Prioritization: Make it Feasible for Finance and Fleet
  • Funding Replacements: Cash vs Reserve Fund vs Loan vs Lease
The Most Powerful Tool to Control and Reduce Fleet Costs: ABCs of Cost Allocation and Chargeback

Too many fleets are leaving money on the table. Marc discusses how to control fleet costs and navigate chargebacks and cost allocations. He will discuss:

  • Fix Understated Labor Rates and Fleet Service Markups
  • Avoid Cross-Subsidization
  • Make Costs Clear to all Stakeholders
  • Benchmark Fleet Costs
Utilization Management 101

Marc helps fleets determine if they are overusing or underusing any vehicles, and how to use data to measure utilization. He covers:
  • Key Policies and Practices for Utilization Management
  • Identifying and Applying Appropriate Utilization Metrics by Use Case
  • Calculate Minimum Use Thresholds
  • Identify Low-Use Assets
  • What Next?

"Tell your story with numbers. Learn how to translate operations into finance by leveraging data and adding cost components to your story every step of the way."

-- Marc Canton

Josh Turley
CEO, Author & Podcast Host

Experienced Fleet Expert & Business Leader

RTA's CEO grew up around the fleet industry and has carried his passion into his company and work. Over the past 20 years, he has helped design robust, innovative fleet management software, guided hundreds of fleet operations through their challenges, and established an award-winning culture built on trust and performance at his company. Josh is the current NAFA SW Regional Chair and a former NAFA AZ Chapter Chair.

Areas of Expertise

An experienced leader and fleet expert, Josh is knowledgeable in a variety of fleet, leadership, and business topics, and how to boost technician retention through culture. Some of his particular areas of interest include:

How to Achieve Fleet Success at Your Operation

Josh literally wrote the book on Fleet Success. He helps fleet operations establish the 4 Pillars of Fleet Success at their operations - Stakeholder Satisfaction, Intentional Culture, Resource Efficiency, and Risk Management understand their importance.

  • Define the 4 Pillars of Fleet Success
  • Understand how to achieve balanced mastery of all 4 Pillars.
  • Learn tactical plays to help implement the 4 Pillars in your Fleet.
Why Culture Matters at Your Fleet Operation

Josh explains that while many leaders are focused on completing tasks and operating on budget, establishing an intentional culture is vital to the success of the fleet operation.

  • Learn how intentional culture can impact employee retention and recruiting.

  • Understand how a culture can affect a fleet's productivity and profitability.

  • Hear real-life examples of how implementing a culture makes a difference.

Mastering Your PM Program

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair. Or something like that. Josh teaches the same practices that his grandfather taught while implementing a solid PM program that focuses on reducing downtime and saving money.

  • Understand the purpose of PMs in a modern fleet.
  • Learn how to measure your PM effectiveness and how to improve your PM processes.
  • Improve your PM compliance rate and see breakdowns plummet.
The Problem Isn't Your FMIS. It's You.

Josh tells the stories of customers who have switched their fleet management information system (FMIS) only to realize their problems followed them to the new provider. See how he often discourages fleets from jumping platforms until they fully understand the scope of their problem, and why it's likely their own unwillingness to change that's standing in their way.

  • Learn how to maximize your investment in your FMIS, including adjusting your own processes to align with best practices.

  • Learn how you can work for the system, or make the system work for you.

  • Hear real-life examples of FMIS implementations gone wrong to avoid similar mistakes.

How To Create an Intentional Culture

Josh dives into what it means to create an Intentional Culture, one of the noblest endeavors any leader can take. From establishing a mission and core values, to instilling the culture with your team, Josh will break it down into tangible steps fleet leaders can use.

  • Learn the foundational steps to establishing an Intentional Culture.
  • Understand the difference between an Accidental Culture and an Intentional Culture.
  • Understand that you as the Leader set the tone and have to own it completely.
Customer Service Matters More Now Than Ever. Here's Why

We live in a world where customer service and customer support are becoming non-existent. However, it still matters - and it should matter to your fleet operation. Josh explains how his company sets itself apart with its 5-star customer service team.

  • Understand why customer service and support matter.
  • Learn tactics for how to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Learn how to create an ownership mindset around customer service in the shop.

"As leaders, we owe it to our teams to make organizational health a priority. We have to create clarity for all involved about who we are, where we're going, and how we're getting there. Only then can the rest of the team lead, follow, or get out of the way."

-- Josh Turley

Facundo Tassara
Head of Fleet Success Ambassadorship

Experienced Fleet Manager and Ambassador

Facundo Tassara is the Head of Fleet Success Ambassadorship for RTA and is also part of the Consulting Team. He has over 23 years’ experience in the fleet industry including management and operation of private repair shops and body shops, managing small and large government fleets, and a founding member of two mobility tech startups.

Facundo has a track record of creating and implementing new processes to improve business efficiencies and reduce expenses. He is known for his ability to problem solve effectively, use of automation to gain efficiencies, and ability to set strategic visions.

Prior to joining RTA, he was the Head of Customer Success for a real-time tire management startup. Facundo’s fleet career started at the City of Ormond Beach, FL where he managed a fleet of 500 assets and then went on to manage the City of Norfolk, VA Fleet Management Department where he was responsible for 2,100 assets.

During his years in government fleet management, he received several 100 Best Fleet awards including a “2015 Fleet Manager of the Year” nominee and landed on Government Fleet Magazines “20 under 40” list. Facundo’s areas of expertise in Fleet Management include the implementation and deployment of new technology, improvement of shop productivity, employee engagement and training programs, and feasibility of vehicle-to-grid technology.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from George Mason University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of the District of Columbia. Facundo also holds industry certifications in Damage Analysis & Estimating, and Service Consultant from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Scott Rood
Fleet Management Consultant

Scott Rood was a Senior Consultant with Mercury Associates and has more than 30 years of experience as a public-sector fleet manager and an U.S. Air Force Fleet Professional.

During his 30-year professional fleet management career, Mr. Rood served 22 years in the US Air Force, starting as a mechanic and retiring as a fleet maintenance manager overseeing an Air Force base maintenance program with approximately 90 technicians and an operating budget of $35 million.

He served as the Vehicle Maintenance Manager for the Washington State Motor Pool, and as the Fleet & Warehouse Supervisor at Clark Public Utilities.

Before joining RTA, he served as the Fleet Manager for Clark County Washington where he managed a fleet organization with 20 employees and an annual operating budget of $15 million He was responsible for developing and implementing vehicle maintenance programs, all vehicle replacements and disposal, multiple fleet maintenance shops and fueling facilities.

His particular areas of expertise include maintenance operations planning and program evaluation, vehicle life cycle cost analysis, fleet replacement planning and charge-back systems.

Mr. Rood was the president of the Public Fleet Manager’s Association, the Fleet Committee Chair for the Washington State Chapter of APWA and has recently been elected to the Board of Directors for the same chapter. He is a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Saint Martin’s University.

Solve Your Biggest Fleet Challenges

Whether you need to review your processes, enhance and interpret your data, or improve your parts management or vehicle management systems, we’re here to help.

Operations Assessments

Evaluate operational performance through the lens of your current challenges and identify opportunities for improvement.

Fleet Data Analysis

Review your fleet’s data to understand the organization’s performance and find ways to optimize.

Staffing Plans

Calculate technician and support staff requirements so you can justify the staff resources you need.

Technology Analysis

Establish roadmaps to implement and use innovative fleet technologies like advanced telematics and artificial intelligence. 

Renewal Planning

Develop a long-term replacement forecast that identifies spending requirements for each fiscal year.

Chargeback Rate Development

Calculate charge-back rates and determine department budgets that will lead to improved performance and a competitive advantage.

Optimization Studies

Determine the optimal fleet size and composition to ensure users have the most suitable vehicle for the jobs they need to perform.

Sustainability Planning

Develop EV and alternative fuel vehicle transition plans that are realistic and manageable, both financially and operationally. 

Facility Needs Analysis

Assess and optimize the size and layout of maintenance facilities based on current and future fleet composition.

Fleet Policy Development

Document comprehensive fleet policies and procedures to guide internal operations.

Hear RTA Consultants Talk Shop

Fleet industry leaders get together once a week to talk about the fundamentals, standards, and best practices that empower today's fleets.

Tune in to “The Fleet Success Show” for real-world advice from RTA consultants designed to help your organization reach peak performance.

FAQs about RTA’s Fleet Management Consulting

Here are a few questions fleet managers often have about working with our fleet management consultants. 

How can my organization benefit from a consulting study? expand_more expand_less

Organizations rely on consultants for many reasons. And often this starts with an analysis of the fleet operation.

Consultants can assess operations and identify areas for improvement, recommend tactics to reduce costs, and define ways to optimize the size and composition of your fleet. They provide expertise in specific areas that your organization may not have, meet temporary staffing needs, and generally provide advice and services to help your fleet succeed.

What are the most common types of consultant projects? expand_more expand_less

While our fleet consultants can essentially address any of your fleet management or maintenance concerns, our most common consulting engagements center around the following issues: fleet right sizing, fleet replacement planning, fleet sustainability, fleet operational assessments, fleet performance, cost chargeback analysis, fleet maintenance facility programming, fleet policy and procedure development, fleet technology implementation, and optimal life cycle analysis.  

Why would I want to use a consultant? expand_more expand_less

Fleet Managers rely on consultants for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is for an unbiased review of their operations to see if their business practices and performance are aligned with industry standards. At other times it is to help justify the need for additional staffing resources or more money for fleet replacement. And in some instances, they simply do not have the time or expertise to conduct complex data analysis, develop fleet policies or procedures, or any number of other tasks that may be required.

Isn't hiring a consultant expensive? expand_more expand_less

Not at all. It is true that while some consulting engagements can be quite expensive, it really depends on the project type, complexity, and expected outcomes for each individual client. Some of our clients simply want a quick diagnostic review to determine the health of their fleet operation while others want an in-depth and comprehensive review of all critical areas of their program complete with data analysis, benchmarking, detailed recommendations, and implementation services.

Rest assured that we can tailor our services and projects to meet just about any budget requirement that you may have and still ensure that you gain valuable insight into your fleet operation.

What type of fleet experience do RTA consultants have? expand_more expand_less

Our consultants are the most experienced fleet professionals in North America. They have real world experience managing fleets across just about every industry including government, corporate, waste management, universities, public safety, transit, student transportation, and more.

Together they have more than 200 years of fleet experience turning wrenches and managing fleets and have provided fleet advisory services to more than 500 fleets throughout the world over the last three decades with fleets from a couple dozen vehicles to fleets with more than 200,000 assets.

Trying to Solve a Big Problem?

If your fleet is facing a challenge you don’t know how to solve alone, chat with one of our fleet consultants.