Fleet Performance Measurement

Tracking fleet metrics is one thing. Calculating how happy your customers are, how stable your team is, and how well you’re managing resources and risks is another.

Fleet360 monitors fleet performance and tracks improvements over time. 


4 Pillars of Fleet Success

Fleet leaders rely on the Four Pillars to Fleet Success framework to manage and measure their fleets’ performance. These pillars paint a clear picture of organizational health.


Gauge how well your fleet is living up to the expectations of your community, customers, and employees.


Understand the health of your internal culture and take steps to create the culture you envision.


Become a good steward of resources by efficiently using the organization’s time, team, and money.


Proactively control potential risks to the organization by ensuring assets are always safe and reliable.

Framework to Track Fleet Performance

The Fleet Success Scorecard is more than just a calculator. It includes built-in tools to capture, organize, and normalize data from multiple locations to deliver a single score for each fleet success pillar. 

  • Net Promoters Score (NPS)
  • CSAT Rating
  • Employee NPS (eNPS)
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • PM Compliance

Prove How Stakeholders Feel About Your Service

Use Net Promoters Score (NPS) to understand how customer and community stakeholders feel about your fleet. Schedule NPS surveys directly from your Fleet360 account and see the calculated results right on your scorecard.

Know How Happy Your Customers Are

Find out how customers feel about the service you provide. Configure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys in your Fleet360 account to be sent once a work order is finished. Follow-up with courtesy reminders.

Find Out How Your Team Really Feels

Capture feedback about shop and department health through regular employee surveys. Modify, activate, and schedule surveys with a couple of clicks. Review individual scores and comments.

Make Sure Shop Productivity Is on Track

Track shop productivity and efficiency by monitoring what percentage of work is scheduled vs. unscheduled. This data comes directly from jobs scheduled and worked in your RTA database.

Get PMs Done on Time, Every Time

Preventive maintenance is your biggest lever to reduce risk. Manage organizational risk by ensuring 100% of PM jobs are scheduled and completed on time.

Get a Proven Playbook for Fleet Success

Running a successful fleet today looks radically different than it did 10 years ago. As a fleet manager, you’re facing new expectations and challenges, being asked to use new tools, and being held to higher standards than ever before. 

The good news is, you don’t have to navigate this new landscape alone. The Fleet Success Playbook is your guide to building a successful operation in these changing times.


What Our Customers Are Saying

33+ years of experience working with RTA through two different generations. RTA is greater than your average fleet software. It really is the most complete system for fleet success on the market.
Eddie Miller
Fleet Services Supervisor, City of Green River
We’re switching to Fleet360 and have been absolutely delighted with the product, support, onboarding, integrations, and flexibility in a single product. I’ve worked with 5 different FMIS systems, and this version of RTA Fleet has been extraordinary!
Constance Englert
Director of Transportation Services, University of Massachusetts Amherst
With RTA, everything is in one place. I don't have to open up four different browsers to find that information. It's all under one roof and I can pull it off. I can look at attachments from documents, print repairs, and view accident reports.
Jacob Johnson
Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Schnuck Markets

FAQs about Fleet360’s Fleet Success Scorecard

Here are some of the questions fleet managers ask about Fleet360’s Fleet Success Scorecard.

What are the 4 Pillars of Fleet Success? expand_more expand_less

The Four Pillars of Fleet Success are Stakeholder Satisfaction, Intentional Culture, Resource Efficiency, and Risk Management. This proven framework helps fleet leaders measure the total health of their operations.

Where did the 4 Pillars of Fleet Success come from? expand_more expand_less

CEO of RTA, Josh Turley, along with key members of his Executive Team with award-winning fleet management experience, recognized that successful fleets have four focused areas in common. With those in mind, some focused on data and others on the environment and job satisfaction, RTA built a tool to track specific data points routinely, providing a live view of success indicators that can be matched up against others in the industry.

How can I improve my Fleet Success Score? expand_more expand_less

RTA is more than the best Fleet Management Software on the market. With a full-time, US-based Customer Support team, dedicated Customer Success agents, free monthly training, and award-winning Consultants, we provide the "how" to the "what." Basic best practices can assist in improving Resource Efficiency and Risk management. One-on-one time with goal-oriented support representatives is available to help set goals and develop plans to track and improve Stakeholder Satisfaction and Intentional Culture.

What is an eNPS score? expand_more expand_less

Your employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a metric to track internal job satisfaction by measuring employees' readiness to recommend their company to others. This score, along with a few quick comments, can help organizations with something as complicated as turnover by opening the lines of communication between employees and employers.

Improve Performance Where It Matters Most

Ready to Drive Your Fleet to Peak Performance?

If you want clear, actionable insights you can use to build a better organization, take a look at the only FMIS purpose-built to drive fleet success.