Preventive Maintenance Software for Fleet Managers

A well-planned preventive maintenance program with high compliance rates is the best way to improve fleet performance. Make preventive maintenance a top priority for your fleet with user-friendly, customizable tools built to ensure PM compliance. 

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Power Your Fleet’s Reliability

RTA Fleet360’s PM software is built to ensure your vehicles are reliable, available, and delivering maximum value. 

Minimize Downtime

Increase Availability

Extend Vehicle Life

Improve Safety

Tools to Ensure PM Compliance

Having a 95%+ PM-compliant fleet would change the game for your organization. Fleet360 preventive maintenance software gives you the tools to make that goal a reality. 

PM Schedules

Customize PM schedules by asset, department, customer, and class. Set multiple schedules per asset and apply bulk scheduling updates. 


Automatically send text, in-app, or email notifications to everyone who needs to know when an asset is nearing its PM due date. 

Due Soon Thresholds

Set PM reminder notifications based on what ‘due soon’ means to you. Adjust due soon threshold by asset, department, customer, and class.  

PM Due Screen

Monitor all upcoming PMs from a single dashboard so you have adequate time to schedule with the asset’s driver or operator.

Reporting and Analytics

Quickly access and analyze preventive maintenance data so you can set KPIs and improve PM compliance.

Recall Management

Create one-time PMs in bulk for manufacturer recalls to alert operators and department heads.

City of Pittsfield Goes Paperless

With a few days of system training and data migration, the shop’s technicians could now log in, create their work orders, and enter their notes – eliminating the paper process. Within a few months, the city had near instant access to their work and could more easily manage the shop’s workflow.


What Our Customers Are Saying

PMs are the highlight of our business. That's HUGE for us, and we are really on track with that. We have zero tolerance. All of our locations are at 85% or above, and we're pushing that even further up.
Holly Roesch, Director of Fleet
Coastal Waste and Recycling, Inc.
mechanics shop
We rely heavily on our Preventive Maintenance. We send out a weekly notice to all the departments, letting them know what vehicles are due so that we can get them in and get them serviced. Doing that helps us catch other things that need to be fixed, avoiding costly repairs and downtime.
Data Analyst
Arizona Municipality
One of the biggest things we track is our PM Compliance, counting on your vehicles to be there when you need them. We’ve set up our Fleet360 to pull PM information out of the system and email it directly to our team every morning.
Jay Mitchell, Fleet Supervisor
Cassens Transport Co.

FAQs about Fleet360 Preventive Maintenance Software

Here are some of the questions fleet managers ask about Fleet360 Preventive Maintenance Software.

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Can my team receive notifications when PMs are due? expand_more expand_less

Yes, drivers, operators, and supervisors can receive notifications via in-app reminders, text messages, or emails.

How does RTA track PM compliance? expand_more expand_less

PM compliance is the percentage of preventive maintenance jobs performed "on time." Set PM due thresholds based on individual intervals for each asset. You can also allow a "Tolerance" margin. RTA calculates the completion of on-time PMs in your PM compliance report.

How can I notify my departments and stakeholders when their PM is due? expand_more expand_less

Notifications for PM jobs coming due or past due can be sent to any contact. Alert department heads, notify drivers, and create a notification hierarchy for PMs past due to get the right eyes on the job. Contacts do NOT have to be RTA users.

How does RTA track multiple PM jobs due at the same time? expand_more expand_less

RTA uses the nesting method to set PM schedules within others, avoiding the need for unnecessary come-back work orders. Jobs such as common inspections can be nested within an oil change, which can be nested into a tune-up. All jobs come due together so everyone can use their time most effectively.

Can I track PMs based on multiple trigger points and intervals? expand_more expand_less

Yes, RTA allows you to set PMs based on multiple meters, such as time, miles, engine hours, trips, kilowatt hours, etc. If any meter is triggered, the job comes due.

Can I tie a part kit/inspection to a PM schedule? expand_more expand_less

Yes, set PM schedules to have pre-determined part kits and recommended inspections. This encourages consistency and accuracy as techs can follow the same practices with each routine job.

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Make PM Compliance as Easy as 1-2-3

If you’re ready to make 95% PM compliance look like a drop in the bucket, it’s time for Fleet360.