Fleet Fuel Management Software

You can’t control the price of fuel, but there’s a lot you can do to conserve fuel usage. Identify cost-saving opportunities and monitor emissions for environmental compliance with tools that track fuel usage and consumption trends.

Fuel Management

Take Control of Your Fuel Costs

RTA Fleet360 gives you control over your fleet’s fuel usage, costs, and carbon emissions.  

Improve Fuel Economy

Increase Data Accuracy

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Track Sustainability Progress

Fuel Management Tools

To improve fuel efficiency, you need to know exactly how much fuel is going into and burning out of each asset. With Fleet360, you’ll have instant access to fuel data and usage across the entire fleet.

Electronic Fueling Interface

Automatically upload fuel transactions from onsite tanks, fuel card systems, pump management systems, and odometer updates.

Fuel Inventory

Accuractely track tank and pump inventory, fuel usage, and miles per gallon, plus fuel variances and taxes. 

Fuel Type Management

Analyze usage of various fuel types including electrification meter updates.

Review Exceptions

Account for potential errors in fuel transactions by flagging entries with higher or lower than average quantity, costs, and miles per gallon.

Reports and Analytics

Review fuel consumption, costs, miles per gallon, etc. Break down data by asset or department.

Fuel Dashboard

Monitor fuel usage and total carbon emmissions from one place. Tie fuel costs to facilities, customers, departments, and class codes. 

Arizona Municipality Cut Cost per Mile by 87%

Data analyst, Gwen, knew the city's fleet operating costs were too high. At nearly $9 per mile, something had to give. Gwen analyzed engine performance data to determine feasible changes that dropped the operating costs per mile to just $1.77. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re switching to Fleet360 and have been absolutely delighted with the product, support, onboarding, integrations, and flexibility in a single product. I’ve worked with 5 different FMIS systems, and this version of RTA Fleet has been extraordinary!
Constance Englert, Director of Transportation Services
University of Massachusetts Amherst
RTA [allows] us to track the history of all assets and equipment. We’ve been able to trace any discrepancies in our fleet. Keeping these items in check has saved us money as well as time.
Ron R.
Coborns Inc.
With RTA, everything is in one place. I don't have to open up four different browsers to find that information. It's all under one roof and I can pull it off. I can look at attachments from documents, print repairs, and view accident reports.
Jacob Johnson, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
Schnuck Markets

FAQs about Fleet360 Fuel Management Software

Here are some of the questions fleet managers ask about Fleet360 Fuel Management Software.

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Fleet Telematics

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Ready to Tighten Up Your Fuel Budget?

Put fuel tracking on auto pilot with RTA Fleet360.