Fleet Management Software for Refuse & Recycling Fleets

You're dealing with high expectations as a fleet leader in waste management. Monitoring driver behavior, managing fleet-wide resources, fulfilling sustainability initiatives—the list goes on. 
You need tools like RTA Fleet360 to help you take control of your fleet and drive it toward peak performance. 


Maximize Your Fleet’s Efficiency

Reduce Operational Costs

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Track Sustainability Progress

Improve Community Reputation

The Tools You Need to Take Control of Your Operations

Having total insight into every aspect of your fleet can make your job a heck of a lot easier. With Fleet360, you’ll know where your assets are at all times, how much fuel they use, whether drivers are safe and responsible, and how your community feels about the service you provide. 

Fuel Management

Track fuel usage and consumption trends so you can identify cost-saving opportunities and monitor emissions for environmental compliance. 

Asset Management

Centralize all assets in one place, allowing you to manage availability, utilization, maintenance, replacement plans, and total cost of ownership.

Fleet Telematics

Remotely monitor driver behavior and vehicle performance to ensure drivers follow all safety protocols and vehicles are always safe and compliant.

Fleet Success Scorecard

Monitor the metrics that matter most when it comes to fleet performance—stakeholder satisfaction, intentional culture, resource efficiency, and risk management.

Reporting & Dashboards

Quickly access powerful insights across the entire operation so you can monitor performance and devise actionable improvement plans. 

Ready to Drive Your Fleet to Peak Performance?

See how RTA Fleet360 can help you get there.