Fleet Software for Passenger Transit

Fleet Management Software for Passenger Transit Fleets

If you’re managing a passenger transit fleet, you’re facing big expectations from a lot of different stakeholders.

With RTA Fleet360, you can run your fleet better, improve compliance, and make everyone happy.


Reliably Serve Your Community

Increase Safety & Reliability

Reduce Operational Costs

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Track Sustainability Progress

Increase Stakeholder Satisfaction

The Tools You Need to Run Your Fleet Better

Imagine how much easier it would be to manage your fleet if all your assets, work orders, inventory, and data were in one system. Fleet360 empowers you to supervise, optimize, and maximize performance from anywhere. 

Asset Management

Manage every transit vehicle you operate—including its availability, utilization, maintenance history, replacement plans, and total cost of ownership.

Fuel Management

Take control of fuel costs, spot usage trends, and identify consumption issues before they become problems. Fleet360 lets you monitor fuel usage by asset, class, and department. 

Fleet Maintenance

Keep your transit vehicles in top repair, minimize downtime, and improve shop efficiency with proactive maintenance planning tools built for everyone in the shop. 

Fleet Telematics

Ensure your drivers, vehicles, and community are always safe by accessing real-time data on asset locations, driving behavior, dash cam incidents, and maintenance status.

Vehicle Inspection

Keep your passengers safe and your fleet DOT-compliant by putting an easy-to-use digital inspection system in every driver and tech’s hands.

Reporting & Dashboards

Leverage data to optimize your operation. RTA360 gives you quick access to reports on operational costs, maintenance and repair activity, vehicle utilization, PM compliance, and more.  

Ready to Drive Your Fleet to Peak Performance?

See how RTA Fleet360 can help you get there.