Fleet Software for Higher Education

Fleet Management Software to Power Campus Transportation

Students, faculty, and staff all rely on your fleet to get them where they need to be. That means you need to ensure your assets are always available and performing.  

RTA Fleet360 ensures your fleet can reliably serve your campus community.


Delight Your Community at Every Turn

Ensure Passenger Safety

Boost Stakeholder Satisfaction

Increase Asset Availability

Maximize Use of Resources

Reduce Operational Costs

Easy-to-Use Tools to Run Your Fleet

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fleet is always safe, reliable, and on time. Get the tools to manage every asset in your fleet—from maintenance and security vehicles to shuttles and buses.. 

Asset Management

Centralize all your assets in one system so you can manage availability, monitor utilization, track total costs, and optimize performance.

Preventive Maintenance

Make preventive maintenance a top priority with user-friendly, customizable tools built that ensure PM compliance and prevent issues from causing unplanned downtime.

Vehicle Inspection

Keep your fleet DOT-compliant and identify early warning signs by putting an easy-to-use digital inspection system in every driver and tech’s hands.

Fleet Telematics

Track vehicle locations, monitor driver behaviors, optimize transportation routes, and provide passengers with accurate arrival times.  

Fleet Success Scorecard

Ensure you’re keeping your community and team happy, efficiently using resources, and effectively managing risk with a scorecard built to monitor fleet success. 

Fleet Systems Integrations

Enable seamless data flow between Fleet360 and the other systems powering your fleet, such as financial platforms, fuel cards, and dispatch systems. 

Ready to Drive Your Fleet to Peak Performance?

See how RTA Fleet360 can help you get there.